Presented by:

Jeremy Millard

from DiamondFire

Founder of DiamondFire, a server-based platform for teaching computer science through Minecraft. UC Berkeley CS grad (2020), software engineer, competitive DanceDanceRevolution enthusiast.

Ken Kahn

from University of Oxford

Akos Ledeczi

from Vanderbilt University

Ledeczi is a CS Professor at Vanderbilt University. He has been working on NetsBlox, an extension that adds distributed computing capabilities and online collaboration to the Snap! for many years. He is also known for his highly popular introductory programming MOOC on Coursera.

Gordon Stein

from Vanderbilt University

Glen Bull

from University of Virginia

Andreas Gräfl

from Working group 'didaktik-aktuell' at University of Education Heidelberg (Germany)

Volunteer Hosts
Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2021!

Jens Mönig

from SAP
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The first of two lightning (five-minute) talk sessions.

Lightning talks are listed in the order they are scheduled, but do no count on each talk starting exactly as scheduled. Each speaker will have 5 minutes, with the remaining time at the end to be used for Q&A.

  1. Three new blocks. A world of possibilities. NetsBlox.
  2. microBlocks meets physics
  3. Creating Art through Coding
  4. Minecraft Multiplayer Hackathons
  5. CS Frontiers: Engaging Curricula for Teachers and Students
  6. Vera Molnar, programming and embroidery
  7. Encryption using simple arithmetic in base 65536 or higher
  8. Driving virtual robots together with blocks
  9. A simple result in linear algebra found thanks to Snap! and its APL Library
1 h
Snap!Con 2021