Presented by:

Ken Kahn

from University of Oxford

A demo and discussion of this project that can turn any text into gibberish and back again.

A very simple encryption algorithm that treats each letter in the text as a digit in base 216 (or 232 if you prefer) using the unicode reporter. Encryption is just integer multiplication and decryption is just division. A very simple enhancement will prevent a weakness if the same key is used multiple times.

This relies on a simple way to turn any text into a number and then turn that number back into the original text. The idea is to treat any character as a digit. So what if to encrypt one does one or two reversible operations on these numbers? Come and see the demo and find out. Play with the project to see how this works.

Relies upon the BIGNUM library. And bignums (integers with as many digits as your computer has memory for) are cool!

5 min
Plenary Room
Snap!Con 2021

Happening at the same time:

  1. Lightning Talks Round 1
  2. Start Time:
    2021 July 29 10:40

    Plenary Room

  3. Hallway Track
  4. Start Time:
    2021 July 29 08:00


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