Presented by:

Alexandra Abramova

from PH Heidelberg
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With the block-based programming language Snap!, playful and visual programming projects can be realised in lessons at different grade levels. The focus for the pupils is on development and programming. For the teacher, however, the subsequent problem is how to assess such projects. The experience shows that the assessment and grading of the projects leads to much discussion about fairness and transparency. This presentation addresses this problem. The aim is to contribute to the promotion and assessment of competences in the field of computational thinking. As part of the development and evaluation of a course for learning the basics of programming with Snap!, a competence grid was developed for a qualitative assessment and evaluation of the pupils' projects in the block-based language Snap!. For this purpose, 43 pupils' Snap! projects were evaluated in the context of design-based research. This competence grid will be presented and applied to one or two project examples during the talk.

5 min
Snap!Con 2022
Lightning Talk