Presented by:

Markus Gaelli

from Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

PhD (c.s.)"Modeling Examples to Test and Understand Software" Earning my living using Smalltalk most of the time. Etoyer, Scratcher, Snapper! Tinkerer, early adaptor. Diatonic accordion player.

My slides about the "Raytracer Challenge" The raytracer project

Genetic Programming in Snap
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Genetically breeding populations of computer programs to solve problems in artificial intelligence
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As “Snap! is Scheme disguised as Scratch” we should be able to do evolutionary programming pretty easily: We all know the creation of the “vee” where we shuffle around some kind of L(indenmayer)-expressions. How about adding a fitness function and let a few hundred s-expressions evolve some solution to a given problem? Or even let the problem/ fitness-function co-evolve? Either I can present something or this just is just a call for action, let’s see…

5 min
Snap!Con 2022
Lightning Talk