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Round 1 of lightning talks!

This session will feature:

Richard Millwood

The Irish curriculum describes algorithmic core concepts as: "construct algorithms using appropriate sequences, selections/conditionals, loops and operators to solve a range of problems, to fulfil a specific requirement" and the English expect ...

Bernat Romagosa

By a rather cheeky stretch of the word "metaprogramming", I will be demonstrating how to get a microcontroller to self-program itself. But in case that isn't cheeky enough, and by twisting the meaning of yet another word, I will also boldly and...

Meret Stalder, Amelia Blankenhorn

This is a TurtleStitch related talk, addressing one of its major hurdles. Users who don’t own an embroidery machine cannot fully use it. As we love the idea of digital work and handcrafti...

Miguel Castro

We often hear and read in the media on how technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can perpetuate bias, inequality and social injustice. But what if this type of technology was used to actually achieve the opposite?

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20 min
Auditorium (Online)
Snap!Con 2023
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