Presented by:

Bernat Romagosa

from SAP, Snap!, MicroBlocks

Bernat is a software developer from Barcelona. He develops for Snap! and MicroBlocks, and is the author of Snap4Arduino and a bunch of other Snap! modifications.

The Snap!shot hit returns! Join us for a face-paced round of some awesome things Snap! users have built. No slides allowed here, just neat projects from the community.

This session will feature:

Yuan Garcia, Dan Garcia

This is a show-your-project submission, we won't need any more than 3 minutes. We made a dashed-line function that lets you change the line pattern to any kind of dashed line (solid1, space1, solid2, space2, etc). We think of this as an extensi...

Ken Kahn

This implements a conversation with GPT-3 or Jurassic 1. It adds a prompt to keep the conversation friendly and adds the recent conversation (or a designed one if the conversation is new). You can use any of the 4 GPT-3 models or either of the ...

Michael Ball

I'll demo how to use Snap! 8 features to get an overview of the blocks used in student projects.

Brian Broll

An interactive project for training a generator and discriminator interactively (using a simple "circle classifier" rather than a full-blown neural network).

3D Plotting of 2D Array Data

Brian Broll

This is a simple game where the user is trying to find the minimum of an unknown function. This is a prerequisite to some of the ML work used to develop intuition about gradient descent before learning about it explicitly.

A Small Simulation System

Joachim Wedekind

Simulations of models of dynamic systems always have the same structure. I present a simple framework (a prototype) to make simulations of various models.

Image Convolution in Snap!

Michael Ball

This project demos how hyper blocks make it very fast to do image convolutions.

Build a Decision Tree from Data

Brian Broll

This project starts as a Parson's problem for implementing the DT-building algorithm. Then we visualize the tree learned from a synthetic Twitter dataset and a real-world phishing dataset.

Starter Template:

audio-Steganography experiments

Jadga H├╝gle

audio-Steganography experiments by jadga

1 h
Snap!Con 2022