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Our first round of lightning talks! Please look at the list of talks below.

This session will feature:

W. Monty Jones, Glen Bull

W. Monty Jones - Virginia Commonwealth University Rachel Gibson, Glen Bull, and Jo Watts - University of Virginia

TuneScope ( is an extension of Snap! with additional music blocks. (Note: it is possible that by the confere...view more

Xavier Pi

The presented Low-Code minimal metaverse controlled by Snap! has been developed to help postgraduate students to understand the notion of I4.0 components, which are the fundamental building bl...view more

Ken Kahn

Consider the task of searching the Snap! manual. String matching cannot take into account synonyms, different ways of saying the same thing, or different spelling conventions. In this Snap! project sentence embeddings are used to compare the us...view more

Dan Garcia

The International Space Station (ISS) circles the earth many times a day at an altitude of about 250 miles. It continuously streams data down to Mission Control in Houston. The ISS National Laboratory has teamed up with UC Berkeley to build eng...view more

Yuan Garcia

In this lightning talk, I will advocate for things that could improve how users get help in Snap!:

  • Fill in the gaps of missing help screens. That is, there’s no help screens for “reshape”, or any dropdown menu functions (e.g., und...view more

1 h
Snap!Con 2022