Happening Now at Snap!Con 2021

All Events are currently scheduled in Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Plenary (60 minutes)
Talk (20 minutes)
Hallway Track (300 minutes)
Food Break (30 minutes)
Short Break (15 minutes)
Birds of a Feather (30 minutes)
Social (45 minutes)
Panel (60 minutes)
Workshop (60 minutes)
Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

2 Events Occurring Within The Next 30 minutes.
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Dan Garcia, Karina Edmonds

Take a look at any kid’s laptop, notebook, school locker, or bedroom and you will see it full of stickers, drawings, and posters that allow them to express their creativity and identity. By contrast, most technology education (curricula and tools) are one-size-fits-all. Educators and developers should instead allow for deep customization, at many levels, to give students ownership of their e...
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9:15 am - 10:15 am PDT