Presented by:

Brian Harvey

from UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Teaching Professor Emeritus. Co-developer (with Jens Mönig) of Snap!; co-developer (with Dan Garcia and several grad students at Berkeley, and a team at EDC led by Paul Goldenberg) of the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum. Long ago Logo developer and author of the three-volume Computer Science Logo Style books. Co-author (with Matt Wright) of Simply Scheme, a prequel to SICP.

Yuan Garcia

from Mills High School

Volunteer Hosts
Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2021!

Victoria Phelps

from SAP, UCB
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Significance and Relevance of the Topic: This is a continuation of the discussion at this talk about whether the user experience would be improved by game-like social features. We expect some controversy. :~)

Expected Audience: Game players, Snap! developers, people with opinions about social media.

Discussion Leader(s): @bh and @silverdragon1353 whose talk started the conversation.

Expertise of Discussion Leader(s): One of us is a Snap! expert and the other a Minecraft expert. :~)

Proposed Activity during BOF: Discussion of the motivating and demotivating aspects of gamification.

30 min
Room 3
Snap!Con 2021
Birds of a Feather