Presented by:

John Maloney

from MicroBlocks

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Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2021!

REPLACEMENT Please note that this event replaces BOF: Bringing IoT to the Classroom
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Submitted on behalf of John:

This BoF is for those interested in connecting Snap! to the physical world using robots, microcontrollers, sensors, servos, and other devices. There have been a number of physical computing presentations at SnapCon! 2021 and it would be great to have a chance to chat with others doing similar work.

We might compare and contrast the various approaches, what audiences various tools are intended for, and how well they work. We might also compare notes about activities that we've found engaging (especially for girls and groups currently underrepresented in STEM fields). This will be a discussion, not a presentation, so the topics will be decided by the group.

Expected Audience: Based on session attendance of various physical computing talks, I think this BoF would interest between 5 and 30 people. Since many people interested in physical computing are also interested in TurtleStitch, it would be nice to avoid offering BoFs on both topics in the same time slot.

Discussion Leader(s): John Maloney, one of the developers of MicroBlocks.

Other potential participants include: Bernat and Turgut, who work with me on MicroBlocks and perhaps Jens and/or Jadga if they are not busy with something else. I can't speak for the other physical computing groups represented at the conference, but I'm hoping many of them will join, too.

Expertise of Discussion Leader(s): I'm the lead developer of MicroBlocks and gave a talk on that on Saturday. (I was also co-creator of Scratch and worked on it for 11 years -- but that's ancient history.)

Proposed Activity during BOF: This would be an open discussion. I have a few questions in mind get things started but after that it will depend on who shows up and what they want to talk about. I'm also happy to explain more about the Snap! to MicroBlocks connection I demoed, since there were some questions I didn't have time to answer, but I don't want this BoF to be only about MicroBlocks.

30 min
Room 2
Snap!Con 2021
Birds of a Feather