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Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2021!

Michael Ball

from UC Berkeley

Dan Garcia

from UC Berkeley
No materials for the event yet, sorry! Meanwhile...

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You have been trapped in the SnapCon! lobby by a hacker attack. The electronically locked exit can only be opened with a password (or rather sentence). Hints on the solution are distributed throughout the building. But you only have 40 minutes to leave the hall, otherwise….

45 min
Snap!Con 2021

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Join us in ohyay!

Yoshiki Ohshima, Ken Kahn, Samo Koprivec , Luis Mayorga,, Daniel Jackson, Alexandra Abramova

The second of two lightning (five-minute) talk sessions.

Lightning talks are listed in the order they are scheduled, but do no count on each talk starting exactly as scheduled. Each speaker will have 5 minutes, with the...
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Last year, snap got a ray-length block. Using that, we could make a 3D image, and even with curved walls. However, that system had the problem that it was still only a 2D environment, without the ceiling and floor heights of DOOM. Based on that...
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