Presented by:

Wolfgang Slany

from Graz University of Technology

Wolfgang is passionate about poverty alleviation through coding education for teens, in particular girls, refugees, and teens in developing countries, directly on their personal smartphones. Wolfgang's Catrobat non profit free open source project since 2010 develops educational smartphone apps that work in a sustainable way also for teens in less privileged regions who do not have access to PCs and laptops, by relying on the phones most teens everywhere on Earth already personally own, and by bypassing traditional school pedagogy, instead using a constructionist approach focusing on game app development and fun. Professionally, Wolfgang is doing research and teaching on sustainable large scale agile software development and user experience topics for mobile platform projects.

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Catrobat considers itself the little sister project of Scratch for smartphones. Over the last decade, the Catrobat FOSS team has turned towards Snap!, TurtleStitch, NetsBlox, and ecraft2learn's AI extension for inspiration and new ideas to bring to Android and iOS. In my presentation I will show what in particular inspired us from Snap!, what we cannot yet do but are working on, as well as a few ideas from Catrobat that could be of use to others. Here are a few keywords on what we are currently still working on but already have implemented to some degree: Embroidery, generalized lists and lambda, JavaScript integration, hacker/dark-red mode, web API access, and AI integration. And a few things we can share: Scenes, merging, unit- and functional testing in the block-based visual language, signing of user apps, our physics game engine, and of course the small form factor of smartphones.

20 min
Room 1
Snap!Con 2021