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Turtlestitch is a Snap!-derived environment for creating artwork for embroidering on a machine. It has been a powerful motivator to all kinds of people to engage in programming. Founded by keynote speaker Andrea Mayr Stalder, it has been an exciting innovation to link Turtle geometry to the capabilities of embroidery machines and bring craft and coding together. With many presentations and workshops at computing conferences over the last few years, an enthusiastic following has been created across many countries and continents. An international group of Turtlestitch enthusiasts meets once a month to share developments, expertise and excitement. Participants discuss achievements, pedagogy, craft, technical issues, embroidery machines and look for mutual support. This has led to web sites, blogs and the development of a knowledge sharing web site to help disseminate discoveries and expertise. This BOF session would be our monthly meeting, but with an invitation to others new to Turtlestitch to join us!

30 min
Room 2
Snap!Con 2021
Birds of a Feather