Presented by:

Xavier Pi

from Industry 4.0 Commission, Engineering Associations of Catalonia

Knowmad, passionate about Simulation, Digital Twins, and Embedded Systems as central factors for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Eduardo Huerta

from UC Berkeley
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SDL4Snap! is a Snap! library that lets us translate directly SDL models to Snap!.

SDL is a standardized graphical language, widely used for formal and non-ambiguous models, that provides a solid foundation for specifying agent-based simulation software. It is easy to understand and it can be used by people coming from different disciplines.

SDL4Snap! can be used to bring SDL closer to Snap! practitioners, but also to bring Snap! to SDL practitioners. It can be combined with MQTT4Snap! to build distributed agent simulation programs.

20 min
Room 2
Snap!Con 2021