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Markus Gaelli

from Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

PhD (c.s.)"Modeling Examples to Test and Understand Software" Earning my living using Smalltalk most of the time. Etoyer, Scratcher, Snapper! Tinkerer, early adaptor. Diatonic accordion player.

My slides about the "Raytracer Challenge" The raytracer project

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Snap! has open ceilings and could be used to teach any concept. Test driven development, and especially behavior-driven development is an important concept of modern day software-engineering like eXtreme Programming.

Accepting "The Ray Tracer Challenge / "A Test-Driven Guide to your first 3D Renderer" by Jamis Buck in Snap! means to

  • provide a framework in Snap! for BDD ("Behavior-driven Development")
  • follow through implementing the challenge and show something shiny at the end.

The block creation area of Snap! already allows for comments and additional blocks exemplifying the created block. But this is rarely used and not formalized. For those who want to use or teach test- / behavior-driven development there is no test framework yet to my best knowledge.

A typical scenario description in the book looks like:

enter image description here

The scenario in Snap! would look like:

enter image description here

Here is the project (in progress).

20 min
Room 2
Snap!Con 2021