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Eduardo Huerta

from UC Berkeley
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Historically, females have shown a declining interest in the field of computer science. Previous computer science curricula has failed to address the lack of female centered computer science activities, such as socially relevant and real-life events. Therefore, the Computer Science Frontiers project introduces teachers to the topics of artificial intelligence and distributed computing so that they can engage their students in computing by connecting lessons to relevant cutting edge technologies. Relevant topics include social media and news articles, as well as climate change, the arts(movies, music, and museum collections), and public health/medicine. We prepared these educators in a pedagogy and peer-teaching centered professional development program where they simultaneously learned and taught artificial intelligence and distributed computing lessons to each other. Afterward, the teachers tailored the materials to their teaching styles and piloted the material with summer camp students. This allowed educators to hone in on their teaching skills of these new topics and gain confidence in their ability to teach the new computer science material before running the full program with their students in the academic year classroom. In this impactful talk, teachers will discuss their experience teaching these topics in the summer camp as well as the tools used to facilitate materials to students.

20 min
Room 2
Snap!Con 2021