My 4.04 min (hopefully that's not a sign there will be error 404 :-) ) Talk's timeline is like an egg. :-)

Its intro is an "eggshell" you have to break through to get to the "egg white" (both travel-oriented & history-oriented), the demo of the (eccentric) Text Editor is "yolk", after which more "egg white" (comedy-oriented demo of the historically first WYSIWYG text editor from 1976) is served.

To avoid additionally embarrassing myself by speaking more or less broken English (as a non-native English speaker), I decided to pre-record the talk with an AI voice provided by the MS Azure, which is credited in the final seconds of the pre-recorded Presentation.

Available for everyone to watch is a video trailer (skipping a lot of the Talk, and no voice) here

You are also invited to play with a (spin-off) project: a slideshow maker (as opposed to the text editor) here

See the forum post

5 min
Snap!Con 2021
Lightning Talk
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