Presented by:

John Maloney

from MicroBlocks

Volunteer Hosts
Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2021!

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Microcontrollers excel at sensing and controlling the physical world. Snap! excels at graphics, animation, and user interaction. Thanks to contributions from the community and the new Web Serial feature of Chrome and Edge browsers, Snap! users can now have the best of both worlds.

Games that respond to physical gestures, home automation, Snap! controlled animatronic characters, projects that respond to a television remote -- these are just some of the things made possible by the combination of Snap! and MicroBlocks.

This powerful combination is also great for hands-on science and engineering. Explore free-fall or crash impacts, learn about electronics, create a low-power AM radio transmitter, or graph the temperature fluctuations in your freezer.

In this fast-moving presentation we will show you how to work with Snap! and MicroBlocks, and we will do as many cool demos as we can fit into the available time.

20 min
Room 1
Snap!Con 2021