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Jeremy Millard

from DiamondFire

Founder of DiamondFire, a server-based platform for teaching computer science through Minecraft. UC Berkeley CS grad (2020), software engineer, competitive DanceDanceRevolution enthusiast.

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Eduardo Huerta

from UC Berkeley
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Want to learn coding concepts by creating multiplayer games in Minecraft? On the DiamondFire server, students can create their own games directly within Minecraft using a drag-and-drop style coding language. Students can collaborate and build games in real time, and they can also play each other's games together.

In this demo, we'll create a game on DiamondFire together and take a closer at look at how programming constructs such as events, conditions, and parameters are represented within Minecraft.

If you want to follow along on the server, the address is and you will need Minecraft: Java Edition.

20 min
Room 2
Snap!Con 2021