Genevieve is a doctoral candidate at Darwin College, University of Cambridge, and also serves as a lecturer at the University of Roehampton. She highly values the invaluable experience and knowledge acquired through collaboration with professionals across various domains of education and industry. Genevieve proudly describes herself as a self-professed geek and an avid enthusiast of science fiction.

Presently, Genevieve has recently submitted her Ph.D. at Cambridge University, Darwin College, delving into the realms of creative computing education and data ethics by means of biometrics, XR (extended reality), and ballet. Her research spans across multiple disciplines and aims to raise awareness about the ethical considerations associated with computing education, specifically for pre-service teachers, employing biometrics and classical ballet as expressive tools. Through live performances, video recordings, and interactive experiences, the ballets expose audiences and participants to new possibilities in computing, ethical insights, and knowledge. Genevieve's project, DataDrivenDance, explores the ethical and social justice implications of future technologies, including human augmentation, while also seeking to reimagine the delivery of creative computing education.

Currently, Genevieve is working on a captivating augmented reality (AR) episodic ballet called "Singularity".

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