Presented by:

Devin Jean

from Vanderbilt University

Devin graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2020, majoring in math and computer science. Aiming for a PhD in computer science, he applied for graduate school and was accepted into Vanderbilt’s PhD program. Devin has always loved academia and wants to eventually become a professor to share knowledge of both computer science and math---and especially their interactions---with new generations. At Vanderbilt, Devin works as a research assistant, and has the opportunity to explore another area of interest: developing educational software.

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Have you ever wanted to build your own fitness tracker like FitBit, or use your phone as a game controller for your latest project? PhoneIoT, a recent development for NetsBlox, makes these possible by allowing you to program your mobile device from the comfort of your browser. Inside NetsBlox, you can use a “call” block to access sensor data from your Android or iOS device, or even control the interactive touchscreen display by adding buttons, labels, and more!

2 h
Plenary Room
Snap! Power Workshops
Main Track