Presented by:

John Maloney

from MicroBlocks

Kathy Giori

from MicroBlocks

EdTech and IoT entrepreneur and volunteer. Current focus is supporting MicroBlocks -- a most awesome tool for teaching Physical Computing!

Bernat Romagosa

from SAP, Snap!, MicroBlocks

Bernat is a software developer from Barcelona. He develops for Snap! and MicroBlocks, and is the author of Snap4Arduino and a bunch of other Snap! modifications.

No materials for the event yet, sorry!

Craft tangible products with TurtleStitch and MicroBlocks. and learn how to create things in the real world with these two blocks-based dynamic languages. Turtlestitch is a browser-based educational programming language based in Snap! that lets you generate patterns for embroidery machines. MicroBlocks is a live, blocks-based programming language for microcontrollers with which you can make interactive toys, art, experiment and all sorts of imaginable gadgets. If you'd like to follow along, please bring a micro:bit or Calliope mini and a USB cable. You'll also need the Chrome or Edge browser running on a computer (not a mobile device) with a USB port.

1 h 30 min
Workshop Room 5
Hands-On Workshops
Workshop Track Interactive Hardware Programming