Presented by:

Thomas Price

from North Carolina State University
No materials for the event yet, sorry!

This project is designed to teach programming basics (loops, variables, procedures, conditionals) through a fun-to-create game. The game is genuinely interesting and enjoyable, based on the Okay? app with millions of downloads, but students can create almost the whole thing, with only a small bit of instructor-written code to get them started and to handle complex math (i.e. bouncing).

Lab materials are available on request, for 4 lessons covering iteration (repeat, forever, repeat until), variables (incrementing, decrementing, use within a loop), procedures (basics, parameters, reuse) and conditionals (use with variables, loops).

Link here

Game Instructions: Click and drag to aim the ball. Try to hit all shapes in one go.

Lab Instructions:

Note: Performance is best when not played in full-screen.

5 min
Main Room
Snap!shot 2021
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