Presented by:

Thomas Price

from North Carolina State University
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These projects demonstrate a new interactive video recording and playback feature in Snap. Students watch a video lecture in the Snap IDE, with all of the instructors actions played for them in time to the audio. Students can pause at any point to interact with the code the instructor creates.

This is still a prototype, and many features are not finished, but these projects highlight the core features:

  • Fully Interactive Snap: All videos are played back in a fully-functional Snap environment, so students can edit and run the code at any time.
  • Slide integration: Instructors can bring up and minimize a slide deck at any point in the presentation.
  • Modify Exercises: Instructors can pause the video and ask students to modify their code before proceeding.
  • Quizzes: Slides allow for multiple-choice knowledge-check questions that must be answered before students can proceed.
  • Easy recording and Editing: Recording is as easy as pressing the "Start recording" button. All videos are recorded as logs and an editable script, making it easy to cut or (eventually) splice videos together. (Note: This feature is still in the works, and the instructor's experience isn't demo'd here.)

A few example lectures introducing the repeat and repeat until blocks (Note: URLs point to the iSnap server, not vanilla Snap. There may still be some bugs!):

5 min
Main Room
Snap!shot 2021
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