Presented by:

Thomas Price

from North Carolina State University
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These projects demonstrate prototype game engine and physics engine features for Snap (on a separate instance). The game engine extension is just a demo / work in progress, but current features allow students to create powerful games:

  • Camera blocks allow the programmer to move the camera around the stage's world, beyond the usual 480x360 dimensions. Blocks allow Actors to "hold" the camera, so moving the camera around is as simple as translating, scaling and rotating existing sprites. The user can even control the camera with panning and zooming for manual actor placement and level building (see below).
  • Level saving and loading blocks capture the properties of all sprites and clones on the stage and save them to or load them from a 2d list. This allows for easier level design, without having to manually place each actor's location and other properties.
  • Physics Engine blocks allow users to turn their sprites into physics bodies that collide and have adjustable properties (mass, bounciness, velocity, etc.).

A few example projects highlighting Physics and Games features (Note: URLs point to the iSnap server, not vanilla Snap. The projects may cause lag if left running - I'm still optimizing!):

5 min
Main Room
Snap!shot 2021
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