Presented by:

John Maloney

from MicroBlocks

Turgut Guneysu

from MicroBlocks, SNAP!, MakeCode, ProjeHocam, GelecegiYazanlar
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An inexpensive 128x64 pixel monochrome OLED display connected to a micro:bit V2 allows us to explore bitmapped computer graphics from the hardware level up, including lines, circles, and turtle graphics.

Starting from the ability to display a 1024 byte buffer as a bitmap, we will show how one can progress from controlling individual pixels to drawing lines and circles. If time allows, we may even show how core turtle graphic functions can be added. Each step is easy to understand and the code is written in MicroBlocks itself.

It is surprising how little code is needed to build a simple yet interesting computer graphics system. Even more incredible is that our graphics library, written entirely in MicroBlocks, is both smaller and faster than a popular Arduino library for the same graphics hardware.

SNAP To MicroBlocks - Image & Code Transfer

5 min
Main Room
Snap!shot 2021
Lightning Talk