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We present a Python IDE that preserves many of the affordances of Snap! and NetsBlox while giving students the full power of Python. PyBlox supports the concepts of the stage, sprites, costumes, etc. Most notably, it mimics the concurrency model of Snap! Furthermore, all NetsBlox RPCs and message passing are supported. However, PyBlox is not browser-based and neither is it lively; the program only starts up when the user runs it. Our aim with PyBlox is to ease the transition for students who want to learn a text-based language after learning programming in Snap! or NetsBlox.

Instructions on how to install and run PyBlox are available on pypi. The example projects files used in the demo are available on github. You can open these project in the PyBlox IDE.

5 min
Main Room
Snap!shot 2021
Lightning Talk