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Joachim Wedekind

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Joachim Wedekind, as a Silver Surfer, is also a Digital Native who, as a user and occasional programmer, has accompanied the development of digital media from the time of personal computers (such as APPLE II) to the introduction of the Internet, the WWW, smartphones and social media. As a teaching technologist and media didactician, he became acquainted early on with the programming language logo and the constructionism of Seymour Papert. This is the basis on which he was able to combine his interest in geometric-abstract art forms with the joy of programming. As a result, books on computer art, optical illusions and interactive graphics were created (see as well as

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If an artist wants to make digital art (pictures, installations ...) of course knowledge of suitable tools is needed. But soon the question arises whether the knowledge of the tools is sufficient or whether real computer science skills are necessary after all.

I will present simple examples of recoding early computer art and will then show how more in-depth knowledge helps to realize more challenging works.

Format: Slides & demo, just me


5 min
Snap!Shot Zoom Room
Snap!shot 2020
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