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David Muehlbacher

from Teacher

Im a teacher! I studied Electronics/ Embedded Systems/ Mathematics/ Computer Sciences! Mathematics and Computer Sciences for teaching. Since 2014 I am an active teacher. This year I joined a Maker initiative which focuses on 3d Printing/Lasercutting and basic programming workshops in schools!

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EIGHTBALL FORTUNE TELLER Subject in questions! How is a eightball designed? How are extraanswers designed(as list)? How are they written (with pen)? Is it funny for students? (SPOILERALERT!!: Yes it is!!!°) Format: Demo + codeexample (maybe slides) Resources necessary? No Description: Create the easygame Eightball but with Extraanswers out of a liststructure? Mechanics of list and pentool! Easy short example!

5 min
Snap!Shot Zoom Room
Snap!shot 2020
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