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Round 3 of lightning talks!

This session will feature:

Sachin Gupta, Mary Fries

Quantum Computing is poised to revolutionize computing within the next decade. How can Snap! and the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum that uses it help inform and prepare high schoolers for this exciting time? Join two UMass Bost...

Clifford Anderson

This lightning talk introduces a new programming course on the Coursera platform: Programming for a Networked World. This course teaches the basics of computer programming using NetsBlox, emphasizing remote procedure calls and peer-to-peer netw...

Yuan Garcia

(This is a "show your project" submission) Large Language Models are the future, there's no way around that. Companies such as OpenAI and Google have released incredible artificial intelligence models that can do amazing feats, even more incred...

Mary Fries

Join for a quick rundown of exciting updates across two Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) courses: BJC CSP—An AP Computer Science Principles course for ages 14-18; and BJC Sparks a functions-first course for ages 10-16. We've built a new Comput...

20 min
Auditorium (Online)
Snap!Con 2023
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