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Round 2 of lightning talks!

This session will feature:


A lot of focus on block language is how to transition to python or some language that the teacher themselves learned.

Thus we get a lot of people trying to make snap to *language converters.

The punchline is, you've got blocks, ...

Gordon Stein

Generative AI models, such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT have gained significant popularity recently. In this lightning talk, we will demonstrate how we are working to add the ability to use these to NetsBlox, a distributed computing-focused ...

Dan Garcia

The GAMESMAN system is a piece of software 35 years in the making -- it solves board games (2-person abstract strategy games of no chance), builds a database of the value (win, tie, or lose) for every position, and provides users with a GUI to ...

Devin Jean

When making distributed projects with NetsBlox (a fork of Snap which adds networking features), such as a multi-computer orchestra or animation with each computer playing different parts, we sometimes need a way to synchronize all the projects ...

20 min
Auditorium (Online)
Snap!Con 2023
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