Presented by:

José García

from Citilab

Since 2007 I work at Citilab - Cornellà, near of Barcelona, where I had the chance to participate in the beginnings of the application of block visual programming, like Scratch and Snap!, in the educational world. I have participated in the creation of S4A (Scratch for Arduino) within the Edutec project, and collaborate in to the development of Snap4Arduino and MicroBlocks.

Now I coordinate the education area at Citilab and the Edulab project, which promotes the teaching of programming and robotics as a transversal language to understand and relate to technology and to develop critical thinking and creativity in schools. For this project also we designed a microcontroller board Citilab ED1 and a robotics Kit for education

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During this workshop we will work on the contents of our workshop Farmlands, plagues and robots. To do that, we’ll see how we can use a Huskylens, an AI camera compatible with electronic boards, and our Citilab ED1 Robot, to recognize images of seven different kinds of plagues.

Also, the robot will have to move across a grid that represents a farmland, with different kinds of trees and plants. The participants will have to put every plague in the corresponding square and program the movement of the robot with Snap!, after connecting the robot to the computer through a Wi-Fi connection. Apart from the movement, they will also have to program the script that matches the ID assigned to a plague with its corresponding image, in order to make it appear at the stage of Snap! when the robot detects it.

Finally, when the robot has detected all the plagues, the program can also call a (virtual) drone that will go after every plague and remove it.

1 h
Snap!Con 2023
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In person