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Stefano Federici

from University of Cagliari

I teach Computer Science at the university of Cagliari. My main research interests are making Computer Science as easy as possible to learn and making all school subjects more engaging for students through coding. I'm the creator of the _BloP _Snap extension.

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When using Snap in the classroom, students can find it challenging to follow along when a teacher is presenting an interactive project on an overhead projector. This can be especially true when it's unclear whether the behavior of the project is due to an interaction activated by the teacher or an animation block sequence. To address this issue, we developed a new extension that allows teachers and other users to easily activate, position, time, and adjust the transparency of key icons and mouse pointer icons on the stage when interacting with the project. The icons make it clear which key has been pressed and how long, if the mouse button has been pressed and released, and if the mouse pointer has been simply clicked or it is used to drag an element on the Stage. This feature helps students better understand how the project responds to different actions taken by the teacher, which makes it easier for them to follow along during the explanation.

This extension is particularly helpful for teachers when interacting with projects in real-time. By activating the icons that show up on the stage during interactions with the project, students can follow along more easily and avoid misunderstandings. The extension also allows teachers to adjust the position of the icons, to time their fade in/out effects, and to set the transparency of the icons to suit their needs, the structure of the project, and the needs of their students. This level of flexibility is essential for effective teaching and enables teachers to adapt to different situations.

Overall, the new extension is a valuable addition to Snap for use in the classroom. It provides teachers with a simple yet powerful tool to present interactive projects more effectively to their students. Not only does this feature make it easier for students to follow along, but it also enhances the learning experience and improves their understanding of the programming concepts. By using this extension, teachers can create a more engaging and less frustrating learning environment for their students.

To test the extension, unpack the zip file of the extension into your Snap! 9.0.2 folder. The zip contains the original snap.html file (called snap-ORIG.html) as it must be overwritten in order for the extension to work. If you have feedback, plese send it to

20 min
Auditorium (Online)
Snap!Con 2023
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