Presented by:

Maria Angela Pellegrino

from Dipartimento di Informatica, Università degli Studi di Salerno

KGSnap! - an extention of Snap! to query Knowledge Graphs (KGs)
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An increasing interest is manifested in Knowledge Graph (KG) publication: the LOD Cloud (a KG that collects most of the published KGs by academia and industry) counted 12 datasets in 2007 and currently contains 1,255 datasets. Because of the extensive range of heterogeneous information stored in KGs, for their easy navigation, thanks to their quantitative and qualitative properties, they could behave as a critical resource to master. However, KG exploitation is mainly affected by required technical competencies in generic query languages, such as SPARQL, and in understanding the semantics of the supported operators, which is too challenging for lay users, as widely demonstrated by the literature. As the block programming paradigm has been successfully used to teach programming skills, this workshop proposes KGSnap!, an extension of the block-based programming environment Snap!, which allows lay users to build and run queries on a SPARQL endpoint without previous knowledge of the syntax of SPARQL and the queried data model. KGSnap! is freely available online at During this workshop, we aim to show you how to exploit the proposed Snap! extension to familiarise yourself and teach KG querying. It would be extremely useful to collect your feedback in terms of engagement and usability.

1 h
Online-only track 1
Snap!Con 2023
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