Presented by:

  • Former teaching assistant and research assistant of Soochow Univercity.
  • Independent researcher on graphic computer languages and related mutidisciplinary learning.
  • Snap! and TurtleStitch lover.
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Geometry blocks library is an extension of TurtleStitch. It consists of a set of blocks used to draw shapes and patterns. Each block has a lambda input named "style" which enables them to be combined with each other to make more complicated and interesting designs.

In this talk I am going to give usages and examples of geometry blocks and also talk about how I use this library to bridge students from imperative coding to functional coding in a playful way.

The most important part of my talk is to demonstrate how to generate custom stitching patterns for embroidery with geometry library. Although TurtleStitch platform gives enough primitive stitching pattern blocks TurtleStitchers will feel free to make new patterns with this library.

Some references are listed below:

20 min
Auditorium (Online)
Snap!Con 2023
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