Presented by:

Brian Harvey

from UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Teaching Professor Emeritus. Co-developer (with Jens Mönig) of Snap!; co-developer (with Dan Garcia and several grad students at Berkeley, and a team at EDC led by Paul Goldenberg) of the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum. Long ago Logo developer and author of the three-volume Computer Science Logo Style books. Co-author (with Matt Wright) of Simply Scheme, a prequel to SICP.

I think that in recent years there has been a change in how we think about the pedagogic role of Snap!, perhaps not intentionally. It has to do with what is hidden and what is shown, broadly speaking. I don't know whether the shift is good or bad; this is not a Policy Proposal, just an invitation to discussion.

The talk will be most interesting to teachers and curriculum developers who have considered new models for using Snap!.

20 min
Snap!Con 2023