Presented by:

Kathy Giori

from MicroBlocks

EdTech and IoT entrepreneur and volunteer. Current focus is supporting MicroBlocks -- a most awesome tool for teaching Physical Computing!

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Many of today's youth were born playing with electronic toys from the time they could hold a rattle. If given the opportunity, they learn to navigate tablets and cellphones easily (before they even go to school). Once children can use a laptop, we want to inspire them to be creators of technology, not just consumers. The goal of this track is to expose the audience to the successful workshop and training experiences a number of us have had using MicroBlocks to teach physical computing. MicroBlocks enables even young learners to become creators and thus, to appreciate the power of technology and the importance and value of becoming STEM/STEAM savvy to boost their contributions in any career path. We especially want to inspire educators with our stories about how teaching physical computing with MicroBlocks is so gratifying!

1 h
Snap!Con 2023