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Georgia Gouros

from Virtual School Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Teacher Mathematics/Computer Science, Author, resident of Melbourne Australia.

Personal teaching philosophies: • I help students improve their reasoning, thinking and learning skills by engaging them through varied learning materials that connect theory to the real world. • I endeavour to motivate my students to become independent learners. • I provide a positive role model for lifelong learning.

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Audience: teachers and students (Year 9 to Year 12) Presenter: Georgia Gouros, Virtual School Victoria, Melbourne, Australia Website:

Stacks, Queues, Priority Queues, Dictionaries and Graphs are very useful structures for storing complex information for solving problems. In this workshop session there is an introduction to Abstract Data Types (ADTs) and their standard operations and how these can be coded into your own Snap! library CATEGORY, followed by an exploration of how a Snap! Abstract Data Type Library can be used to model real world information.

  • 1. Explain what ADTs are and their standard operations on data in algorithms (5 mins)
  • 2a. Demonstrate how a Snap! CATEGORY ADT Library for Stacks & Queues can be coded using lists in Snap! (5 mins)
  • 2b. Participants create a Snap! CATEGORY ADT Library with Stacks & Queues(10 mins) [pre-prepared solution available]
  • 2c. Demonstrate how the ADTs Priority Queue and Dictionary can be added to the Snap! CATEGORY ADT Library (5 mins)
  • 2d. Participants create blocks in Snap! CATEGORY ADT Library (10 mins) _[pre-prepared solution available] _
  • 3a. Show how Priority Queues can be combined in a model in Snap! for a runway algorithm in outback Australia real world modelling problem (5 mins)
  • 3b. Participants follow along and encode Priority Queues model and algorithm in Snap! (10 mins) [pre-prepared solution available]
  • 4. Discussion on other applications of ADTS in Snap! and SnapApps/Edgy (10 mins) [pre-prepared examples available] conference organiser reference:


1 h
Room 3
Snap!Con 2022