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I am a 2nd year Ph.D. student at the UC Berkeley School of Education where I study culturally relevant science pedagogies.

Victoria Phelps

from SAP, UCB

She is a computer science student at UC Berkeley, working as course staff for BJC/CS10 under the supervision of Professor Dan Garcia. She also works as an intern for SAP as part of the Snap! Team. First introduced to computer science through Snap! and BJC, she is a huge fan of both platforms and loves to contribute in whatever ways possible.

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Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2022!

Yuan Garcia

from Mills High School

IT2School: AI & Machine Learning for Classrooms
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What do you think about, when you think of AI? I am sure that Wall-E, R2D2 and maybe Ava from the movie Ex Machina are among the thoughts that go through your head. Our associations with AI often go directly to imagining human-like robots. It is difficult for us to imagine that something can be intelligent without being or looking human. It is similar for learners. The easier we make it for learners to connect their real-life experiences to AI, the more fellow programming and Snap!-Fans we will be able to welcome into the community!

In this workshop, we want to show you how you can create an all-inclusive approach to teaching AI to 5th-12th graders. First using posters and chatbot paper models, then moving to the digital sphere sparking learners’ creativity to programming their own games using Snap! All that and more with the new AI cluster in development for the education project IT2School - Gemeinsam IT entdecken (Discovering IT together) developed in collaboration by FU Berlin, University of Oldenburg, SAP Young Thinkers and Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland.

The shown teaching resources are available in English and German.

1 h
Room 4
Snap!Con 2022