Presented by:

Jens Mönig

from SAP

Jens Mönig is a researcher at SAP and makes interactive programming environments. He is fanatical about visual coding blocks. Jens is the architect and lead programmer of UC Berkeley’s "Snap! Build Your Own Blocks" programming language, used in the introductory “Beauty and Joy of Computing” curriculum. Previously Jens has worked under Alan Kay on the GP programming language together with John Maloney and Yoshiki Ohshima, helped develop Scratch for the MIT Media Lab and written enterprise software at MioSoft. Jens is a fully qualified lawyer in Germany and has been an attorney, corporate counsel and lecturer for many years before rediscovering his love for programming through Scratch and Squeak. For leisure Jens likes guitar picking and strumming his mandolin.

Bernat Romagosa

from SAP, Snap!, MicroBlocks

Bernat is a software developer from Barcelona. He develops for Snap! and MicroBlocks, and is the author of Snap4Arduino and a bunch of other Snap! modifications.

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Victoria Phelps

from SAP, UCB

Students deal with cryptography and security every day, e.g. by picking passwords for online accounts. We all know about basic cryptography from inventing secret languages with our friends. But how does cryptography actually work? How did Caesar get secret messages to his army? How can you send messages safely over the internet?

In this talk we want to share an outline on a new openSAP MOOC that's currently under development. Discover the history of cryptography in 15 Snap! projects, starting from ancient ciphers to renaissance occultists and modern day algorithms.

20 min
Room 1
Snap!Con 2022