Presented by:

Joan Guillén

from Cesire* at Catalan Education Department, Snap4Arduino and Snap! Team, RobolotTeam
  • Tech teacher.
  • Working in innovation and teacher training at Education Department of Catalonia.
  • Snap4Arduino developer.

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Snap! Moodle plugins


Link to Materials and Workshop online spaces

Add to your Moodle activities the ability to include Snap! projects

  • You can include Snap!, Snap4Arduino, Beetleblocks, TurtleStitch or your own Snap! customization
  • Everything runs in your Moodle server (users, projects...and even your Snap! distro)
  • It is a Moodle assignment submission plugin, adding this feature to any of your assignment activities.

  • Available with English, Spanish and Catalan translations.

Download and play! Or wait for this workshop to learn more about these plugins and to learn about the new “SnapInMoodle” plugin that works online. - Snap!-Moodle Plugins site - Snap4Arduino-Moodle Plugins site - BeetleBlocks-Moodle Plugins site - TurtleStitch-Moodle Plugins site

Workshop details

  • Cesire from Catalan Education Department and Robolot offer this workshop for the entire Snap community!

  • We will learn how to add Snap!, Snap4Arduino, Beetleblocks, TurtleStitch... to your Moodle activities. We want the full power of Snap! and also all the potential that Moodle offers us to do educational activities. And even more ... we can work (save projects, share them ...) without using any external cloud ... having all the data within the school environment.

  • And even though it’s virtual, we want it to be a real workshop! We will present these plugins and see how they work together ... but we want to offer you a real Moodle space where participants can try it out, create their proposals and also explore and browse the proposals of the other participants in the workshop.

  • Everybody can play with this workshop

  • No requirements. Everyone can participate. But yes, it is a workshop especially suitable for teachers of any educational stage.

1 h
Room 3
Snap!Con 2022