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In this workshop, we will make designs in TurtleStitch for a computerized embroidery machine. After you create a design that you love and do not have access to a machine, the global TurtleStitch community friends will embroider & mail you your design!

TurtleStitching is a mix of art, design and technology. It affords a rich area of exploration for beginners and experts. The interaction of creating a design, coding it, and producing it captures what Seymour Papert referred to as hard fun, leading to love and engagement of the activities.

Love for an activity is often disregarded and de-emphasized in the teaching / learning experience in schools with both teachers and learners. We want to remind teachers that it is OK to show this love and to encourage learners to also show their love playfully.

Since TurtleStitch is written in Snap! it offers many of the Snap! tools. At the same time, as its name implies, coding focuses on instructing a turtle to draw patterns on the computer screen. These patterns are saved in a file format understood by computerized embroidery machines.

PREREQUISITE: Create a username and sign up for a free account at Be able to work in split screen so you can see examples from remote screen sharing as you code in your own TurtleStitch pane.


1 h
Room 4
Snap!Con 2022