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Name: Mrs. Ogechi Shadamoro


 B.Sc. Accountancy University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  MISM. Information Systems Management,Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University, Naperville, Illinois USA.  ESEFA SAP Certification  Snap Coding Record of Achievement

Current Job Experience:

 Deputy Director, ICT/Innovation Centre,UNN  Program Coordinator, UNN Technology Advancement Program Lagos  Portal/CBT Lead/SAP UA UNN Instructor  Trained on SAP BI and SAP FICO in Illinois,USA  Managed more than 10 IT projects from May 2013 till date  Speaker on Entrepreneurship: Life Skills for Successful Business Management, University of Nigeria, Nsukka Undergraduate Student Career and Leadership Workshop, Feb. 22nd, 2018.  Speaker on IT for Project Management, International School for Project Management, Centre of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction, Giardini Naxos Italy Oct. 5th, 2019.  Speaker on Improving Efficiency through technological Innovation and Access to Market,2019 Global Entrepreneurship Week, Enugu Nigeria, Nov. 19th,2019

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Why is a longer format necessary?: The need for an additional time is to discuss he idea behind the creations and the story line it projects. Also to showcase the design thinking technique of a 9 year old child in creating designs with the snap platform and block codes.

If necessary, would you be willing to present this topic as a lightning talk?: Yes, i am willing to present this topic as a lightening talk as the topic is straight forward and easy to understand.


  Creativity and Design Thinking- Finding Direction and Wallpaper

In this proposal, there are two project works. The first project work will showcase the work of one of our 9 years old student( Abdulquadir) from Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria, who used snap block codes and design thinking to create a direction towards a star. Please kindly see the link below.

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The second Project work is my wallpaper design created by me (Ogechi) through spiral design blocks from Snap and is currently used as an interior design wallpaper for an ICT technology office room in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. The purpose of this design is to teach our students how to use design thinking with the snap block codes to innovate. Please kindly see the link below.


Any comments for the committee?: I have no comments for the committee at the moment

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