Presented by:

Glen Bull

from University of Virginia

Volunteer Hosts
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Rachel Gibson, Glen Bull, Jo Watts - University of Virginia Online Talk

A drum track establishes the rhythm or beat for music. Many cultures are known for rhythms and drum patterns that are characteristic of their music. In this talk, patterns from several cultures include Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe will be explored. The format will consist of these elements:

  1. A Video Illustrating the Drum Pattern
  2. A Demonstration of the Pattern Created in Snap!
  3. An Opportunity for Participants to Create Their Own Variant

The activities that will be explored during the talk are drawn from a course, EDIS 2200: Creating Art, Animations & Music through Coding, taught in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia. Documentation, videos, and examples of code are available here:

Examples of ways in which drum patterns created through code can also be created using physical objects will also be presented.

20 min
Room 3
Snap!Con 2022