Presented by:

Bob Kahn

from Brentwood School, Los Angeles

Bob teaches the middle school introductory robotics and introductory coding courses at Brentwood School in Los Angeles. He is also the middle school Educational Technology Specialist. He taught middle school science for many years. In the spring 2011, an email inspired Bob to use technology to increase student engagement and learning. That Fall, he started a Minecraft club and within a few years was programming and building robots. Bob so appreciates being a part of communities, such as that of Snap!, that strive to create engaging and meaningful educational experiences using technologies to foster student creativity and agency. My black lab mix, Lily, is my profile picture.

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The purpose of this project was to show 7th and 8th grade students how to program an interactive Conjugation Machine for regular Spanish verbs. Students had varying degrees of programming experience from none to a lot. The project involved creating a microworld (the truly new awesome feature of Snap! 7.0) so that students only had the blocks needed to create the machine. Programming concepts included variables, conditionals, lists, mapping, functions making blocks and sequencing. The implementation of the project involved a series of questions as steps that lead to the programming of small solutions until the entire program is built. Interactivity with a sprite to click on is added at the end or beginning depending on the group of students. Please email me if you have questions, comments or ideas.

Link to project used during presentation:!Con%20Spanish%20Regular%20Verb%20Conjugation

Here is a link to the FINISHED project url: Spanish Regular Verb Conjugation Machine.

Link to IMPROVED project based on some suggestions during Snap!Con.

I welcome any other suggestions or ideas.

20 min
Room 1
Snap!Con 2022