Presented by:

Kathy Giori

from MicroBlocks

EdTech and IoT entrepreneur and volunteer. Current focus is supporting MicroBlocks -- a most awesome tool for teaching Physical Computing!

Volunteer Hosts
Thanks for helping with Snap!Con 2022!

Victoria Phelps

from SAP, UCB

Physical Computing Workshop Agenda:

  • Super quick introduction to physical computing, and the MicroBlocks IDE
  • Watch this! Several brief demonstrations highlighting the "liveness" of MicroBlocks and how powerful it is to explore the physical world (very much like Snap! except perfect for exploring the physical world using educational boards such as the micro:bit, Circuit Playground Express, and more)
  • Try me! Grab a board/kit and an activity card (easy or intermediate) and give it a go!
  • Show-n-tell. Spend the last 10 minutes discussing/sharing your favorite project(s).
1 h
Room 2
Snap!Con 2022
UC Berkeley