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One of the most important issues in many modern school curricula is the development of soft skills like teamwork, creativity, problem solving, self-organization and so on. On the other hand, also professional knowledge has to be acquired and methods have to be trained, which means for informatics training coding for instance.

In this workshop we show a possibility to combine both aspects. Assuming that basic commands and functionality of Snap! is known, the successful process of this project requires creative problem solving and coding skills.

The students (respectively participants of the workshop) get the possibility to take part at a Snap!Car race. Therefore, an object (a racing car) has to be programmed in a way that it will follow a black line (racing track) by its own as fast as possible. Of course, some general rules are given, for example: there is a list of commands that are not allowed to use, at least a small part of the car has to be on the racing track at all time, a certain number of rounds have to be completed and so on.

In a short common unit one possible solution (not an amazingly fast one) will be presented and discussed for an exemplary training-track in order to give an idea of solutions and to make the rules clear.

Afterwards the students form teams of 2-4 persons that develop their own solutions. Therefore, some training tracks are available. After a certain amount of time (here end of the workshop) the solutions are given to the teacher and the fastest cars will be qualified for the Gand Prix, where they challenge each other on different unknown tracks and the winner will be determined via a KO system.

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