Presented by:

Tilman Michaeli

from FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

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The possibilities of artificial intelligence and its influence on our everyday lives are expanding rapidly. To participate in an increasingly digital world and make informed decisions about AI and its impact on our society, everyone needs a basic understanding of AI. Only by understanding the underlying principles and ideas everyone is able to assess the possibilities and limits of AI and actively shape our society. With “Exploring the World of AI” we developed a MOOC guided by constructionist learning theory enabling everyone to learn about AI.

In this talk, we present the corresponding curriculum that covers the fundamental ideas and underlying principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as a look at the broader picture. Furthermore, we highlight different interactive applets, Snap! programming tasks, videos, and additional exercises employed within the course. We demonstrate how the MOOC enables the participants to actively create ML-artefacts, breaking open the black box and therefore demystifying AI.

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30 min
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Snap!Con 2020
Short Talk

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