Presented by:

Glen Bull

from University of Virginia

Joe Garofalo

from UVA

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Kids and Cookies is an interactive game designed to teach fractions to young children. This game was designed by a mathematics educator (Joe Garofalo) and implemented in Snap!. The goal of the game is to share cookies fairly among friends. The game begins by inviting the player to choose up to six friends to share the cookies with (Figure 1).

![Kids and Cookies]( "Figure 1. Kids and Cookies"

The player is then asked to choose how many cookies to share. The cookies can be dragged onto a cutting board and cut into pieces. The goal is to distribute the pieces evenly among friends. Kids and Cookies offers an opportunity to think about both fractions and computational thinking. The first important idea in computational thinking is the concept of breaking a larger problem into smaller, more manageable parts.

In this session, the process of implementing the fraction game in Snap! will be reviewed and results in classroom use will be discussed.

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