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D.J. Servilla (also known as djdolphin) is a longtime user of Snap! and Scratch, the author of Snapinator, and an occasional Snap! contributor.

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Gurkaran Singh Goindi

from UC Berkeley
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Snap! inherited Scratch 1.4's help screens, which were static, bitmap images with poor support for translation. Last spring, I implemented a new documentation system which enables help screens to be easily created and translated with a markup language designed for annotating Snap! scripts. This talk will provide an overview of how the new help screen system can be used by Snap! modders and translators.

In addition to presenting the documentation system itself, I will talk about the experience of creating it, which was done to fulfill my high school's graduation requirement of a STEM internship in lieu of the final month of school. Rather unique for American high schools, this experience is more productive and more fun than being in class with senioritis.

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